Website Redesign

There are lots of reasons our clients come to us for web site redesign but almost all move to us after being recommended by one of our existing clients.

Perhaps you simply feel your site needs a newer, more modern fresher look or you are thinking of adding an online shop?

Is it time to review your site?

Do common mistakes need fixing – there are plenty of those:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Broken links
  • Not responsive – must work on mobiles and tablets
  • Cluttered design
  • No white space (or any other colour)
  • Walls of text
  • Vague or unclear design – call to action
  • Pop ups
  • Vague and confusing navigation
  • Poor structure
  • Out of date offers or information
  • Blogs that haven’t been updated for years

We’re always happy to call in and have a chat and give you an honest appraisal of your current site, and based on that show what, if anything, we can do to help.

What does it cost?

The first step after discussing your full requirements is to decide if a full redesign is needed, or whether we can tweek or adapt your existing site. We can usually decide this during the initial free consultation.

  • The initial consultation is free
  • Minor changes to your existing site can start from around £45
  • It’s possible you will need a further site visits to discuss changes and you need to budget for these
  • A basic site will usually start from around £300
  • Cost of a shop site will vary hugely depending on the existing shop design, whether products, customer and order details need to be migrated

If you are ready to discuss redesign drop us an email and we’ll arrange the initial consultation.