Website Hosting

We offer a local Managed Hosting solution from £20 per month or £195 annually for a single site. If you have more than one site please contact us for a quote.

What is Managed Hosting?

Basic hosting simply gives you space on a web server where you can upload your website. With Managed Hosting much more is included, for example updates to your site – essential to prevent malicious attacks – are regularly carried out. Updates to your site software, themes and plugins are also included.

Website hosting is about much more than just picking a hosting provider. When you chose a web hosting company you need to consider many things:

  • Do they offer a high level of security
  • How easy are they to contact
  • Do you need to work through a call centre – or do they answer the phone
  • Are daily backups included
  • Are site updates included
  • is email included
  • Can you easily and quickly get minor changes made
  • For bigger changes can you get these made smoothly and at a reasonable cost

Our Managed Hosting solution gets you all this and more. We’re a small local company which gives us the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently. Our servers are based at, who we’ve found reliable, quick to respond and most importantly consistently open and honest whenever minor problems have cropped up.

Extra Costs

We give you a fixed, all in price. Some theme updates require annual payments, as do some plugins. You may have several domain names which need annual renewal. Minor changes are included in the basic price, as is the annual domain renewal. Theme and plugin updates, where needed, are typically between £20 and £100 a year.

My site is hosted somewhere else – why move?

We usually move sites to our servers because we are redesigning them, and the process is simpler and easier all round as it lets us manage all the sites in the same way.

It may be that your site isn’t managed at present – perhaps because the originally designers are no longer in business or because you are on a free or cheap basic hosting package. Some customers move simply because they find their hosting companies don’t offer the service they need, or they don’t feel they are in control of their sites.

Is it complicated?

No. We don’t charge you to move the site, and we take care of the actual move.

There are a few sites that are more difficult to move, in these cases a redesign may be the only option but we’ll advise you if this is the case, and of course if the site works well you may be better leaving it where it is!