Website Design

You may have a new product to launch, a project to promote or a new business to build. Maybe you have great ideas and a vision for your new web site or perhaps just a nagging feeling you should have one?

Where do you start?

They say it helps to talk, and that’s the first stage in getting any site together.

We offer a free initial consultation to help us understand your business, and help guide you towards setting up the right type of site, give you an idea of costs, timescales, and possible benefits.

We understand not every business will benefit from a shiny new site, and if we think that’s the case we we’ll tell you, or perhaps suggest other options – a Facebook page or Twitter campaign for example.

Whilst we can put your site together it won’t help if no one sees it, so we can also advise you what else you’ll need to do to make sure your investment brings in a profit.

We’ve been running our own sites and businesses for over twenty years, and we use that experience to help you.

What does it cost?

  • The initial consultation is free.
  • Website design starts from around £300.
  • Online shops will typically start from around £1000.

Obviously some sites are more complicated than others so these really are starting prices. There are various things that can increase costs. We’ll give you a clear idea of the likely final cost before we start any work, and we’ll also confirm the cost of any extras before you incur them!