Static site, blog or shop?

What type of site do you need?

Web sites tend to fall into three broad categories, static sites, shops and blogs.

Which do you need, or do you need a combination?

  • A static site – cheapest and easiest to set up and maintain
  • Shops – more expensive to setup and maintain but can generate business even whilst your asleep
  • Blogs – think news site – can be used to get news straight to your customers or to easily feed Facebook or Twitter campaigns

To decide which type you need you need to think about your customers, where they come from and how they are likely to buy from you.

A blog may not be exactly what you think it is. This site is a static site with a blog. We use the blog for three things – articles on the front page, case studies on our portfolio page and also to post news and updates to Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re not sure which you should have don’t worry, we’ll discuss it with you and decide between us!