If you need help with designing or redesigning your logo and branding we can help.

Branding usually starts with logo design. We offer a fixed price logo design service.

How does logo design work?

After we’ve discussed a few basic ideas we’ll let you have several outline ideas, usually within a few days. Hopefully you’ll like the idea of one or more of these, and we can then refine those and start to show you how they would work in practice on your site.

Typically after this we’ll go through several revisions before settling on a finished look.

We’ll then produce a number of versions, for use on your web site, emails, and also for letterheads for example.

How does branding work?

Branding is basically the process of incorporating your logo into other graphics work.

Who won’t it work for?

Our expertise is mainly in relation to online work, if your branding requirements are extensive, and mainly for offline use, we may suggest a design company instead.

What does it cost?

  • Fixed price logo design costs £150.00
  • Branding work is chargeable and we’d be happy to quote based on your requirements

So long as you are happy to work via email and/or Skype on this there shouldn’t be any extra costs simply for logo design. If face to face visits are needed these would be chargeable but as we usually work on logo design as part of a site design or redesign this is usually sorted out during other discussions.